Tour: Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake (5 days)

Excited to explore Kalaw and the surrounding area? We have two tours, just for you!
Lunch and water are provided.

(5 Days, 4 Night):

Day 1:

  • DAY ONE…. Start from kalaw…2:30 hours to SHAW TAW [palaung
    tribe][lunch]-2:30hours to NYAUNG GONE [palaung tribe]{over night}…

    DAY TWO….        2hours to TAR YAW and WYA THIT  [palaung
    tribe]..30minutes to view point[lunch]..1 hour HIN KA GONE [palaung
    tribe]…1 and half hours to MYIN DIKE[DANU tribe][over night]

    DAY THREE….45minutes to LAY EIN GONE[TAUNG YOE tribe]..1 and half
    hours to INN KHAUNG[TAUNG YOE tribe][LUNCH]..1 hour to THIT HLA[PAOH
    tribe]..1 hour to TAUNG LAR [DANU][over night]

    DAY FOUR…1 hour to NAN TA LAE THIE [PAOH]..1 hour to BAW HNIN
    GONE[PAOH]…1 hour to DUNN [PAOH][LUNCH]…3 hours to PAYYUPAUK[PAOH
    tribe]over night

    DAY FIVE…1 hour to KYAUK SU[PAOH]…30 minutes to NAN YOKE[ PAOH]..2
    and half hours to INN DEIN  village  and JETTY [INNTHA tribe]{lunch}

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