We have a range of guides, some who are newer to the industry, and some are experienced guides with over 10 years in trekking. Green Discovery is committed to building the next generation of guides, to ensure the continued happy partnership of foreign tourists and local guides working for locally owned companies.

Why do we guide? Being a guide is fun and is based on sharing. We get to share our beautiful country with you, and we can also get a lot of knowledge from our guests. And also it is independent.

The owners, Soe Paing (pronounced so-pie), also known as Jack, has been guiding since 2002, while his brother, Alex, started in 2000. Win Naing OO started in 2006 and Doh Soe started in 2000. These four experienced guides provide the foundation on which Green Discovery is built, and they all posses Myanmar Trekking Certificates.

Brothers Soe Paing (Jack) and Alex

Brothers Soe Paing (Jack) and Alex


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