Trekking Around Kalaw (1 Day)

Excited to explore Kalaw and the surrounding area? We have two tours, just for you!
Lunch and water are provided.

Option 1: Myin Ma Hti Cave

Travel from Kalaw to the Lut Pyin Taung Yoe Tribe (travel time: 3 hours), Myin Ma Hti Cave (1.5 hours), Return to Kalaw (2.5 hours)

The winding complex of natural caves and tunnels is filled to bursting point with Buddha Images in an astonishing variety of shapes and sizes, reaching 313m from the entrance. Local legend suggests that the original pagoda at Myin Ma Hti was one of the 84,000 pagodas built by King Asoka 2,300 years ago. It was later repaired by the Burmese kings Anawrahta and Alaungsithu.  The earliest stupa is also believed to have been placed there by King Asoka, and many of the other Buddhas are from the Bagan Era. King Anawrahta himself donated the collection of twenty-eight statues you will find here, with fourteen on the lower level and fourteen on an upper terrace.


Option 2: Palaung village, view point lunch and the reservoir

Visit Ywa Thit, a Palaung tribe village (2.5 hours), Tar Ywa and the View Point (1 hour), Visit the Reservoir and Return to Kalaw (1.5 and 2 hours)

What is Tar Ywa? We we have a delicious Nepalese meal while enjoying a spectacular view of the valley.

Goofing around at the reservoir

Goofing around at the reservoir

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